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[MIT] Personal management system


For the past few months I’ve been working on my personal tool which I’ve named Personal Management System, sounds familiar isn’t it? Content Management System, but no it’s not designed for any blogging or website management.

Just like I’ve called it - it’s for personal usage only, for data that should not be available over internet and so on.

I’ve created this app because I really wanted some central point for storing my contacts, personal notes, plans for visiting some places, some schedules, goals etc. Everything just in one place, not between few clouds or still on paper.

I really wanted something that I can control - that means being able to simply create any additional extensions for my usage.

And run it on: Chrome (that’s the only browser that i support)

Feel free to use it and also feel free to leave any feedback, maybe You can even find some bugs (and since I’m using this tool some of them might be dangerous for me as well).

Some features/changes are planned, but since I’m just working slowly on it alone and I prioritize some things above others then it won’t happen to soon.

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