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Aida Pourshirazi
Aida Pourshirazi

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I'm Aida Pourshirazi, and I support women devs in 2021!

Since I was a kid, I liked to be around technology. I remembered my parents got me the first Dell computer, which in that era, having a personal computer in a household was a massive achievement for kids all over the world. As a result, I got the chance to learn my first programming language C++.

I came from an artistic family and grew up around the entertainment industry, including cinema, theater, and television. Therefore, I always had the chance to play with the latest cameras, from analog to digital. Being in that environment inspired me even more, to follow the engineering path for my future career because it was something different from what my parents were doing but somewhat similar in other ways.

Therefore, I got accepted into the engineering school for electrical engineering with my parents' support and encouragement.
I was always fascinated with all the new cellphones out there. Then, right before I graduated, I decided to take an internship in one of the biggest telecommunication companies to understand how the telecom world works. Therefore, I got my first job on the cellular network platform, and I knew that I found my life path.

However, later on, one of the most significant challenges I faced was shifting from a telecommunications background to the software engineering field. So I had to do extensive hours studying and learning the new skills while working full time.

My message to others is that life is shorter than we think, so we should do what we like and enjoy the path to achieve our goals.

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