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🔍 Find Your Outdated VSCode Extensions

If you are like me & use VSCode as your code editor, you might then want to learn some tips & tricks about it. There is an awesome course on VSCode just for this, which at the end of it, turns you into a VSCode power user. ⚡️

Staying up-to-date with everything has become crucial nowadays whether it's your OS, a CLI, or your VSCode extensions. In this piece, I am going to show you guys an easy way to check your outdated VSCode extensions so you can then update them. Now without further ado, let's jump right in! 🙌🏻

👨🏻‍💻 VSCode Outdated Extensions

Follow the steps below to see your outdated extensions.

  • 🚀 STEP #1: Launch your VSCode
  • 📦 STEP #2: Open Extension's Area located at the sidebar.
  • ✍️ STEP #3: Write @outdated in the extension search box.

Once you are through these steps, you will see a list of your outdated VSCode Extensions, if there are any. If there isn't, you will get the message of No extensions found.

VSCode outdated extensions

That's it for today, folks! If you have found this piece useful then please hit the like button. If you have any questions, just drop them in the comment section below. Till then, cheerios! 🤞

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