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Basic Setup for Deno!

  • Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.

  • You can easily understand the deno application (REST API, etc.) if you know how nodejs is working in those.

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I made a youtube video for getting stared in deno.

Install Deno

  • For windows, I prefer chocolatey
$ choco install deno
  • For more options, You can visit their official documentation website

Getting Started

  • You can create applications like REST API as like in nodejs, Backend application for your full-stack application.

  • How to run your application?

$ deno run <app.js | app.ts>
  • How to install global packages like denon?

Denon is exactly like a nodemon for deno.

$ deno install --allow-read --allow-run --allow-write --allow-net -f --unstable

(Link can be changing if you are installing other packages)

Simple Example for creating http server in deno!

import { serve } from "";
const s = serve({ port: 8080 });
for await (const req of s) {
  req.respond({ body: "It's my Deno world!" });

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