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Markdown Tutorial - Github Profile level README

Hey Developers,


  • Markdown files are used to document about the projects that we have created. For Example. Github!
  • Blogs sites like Medium and Dev are using it to create blogs.
  • Documentation frameworks also using markdown files to create the entire documentation about any projects or frameworks. For Example, gitbook, docusaurus, etc.

Alt Text

  • If you have already know "HTML", then you may know about h1 to h6 tags. Like that, we can create headings in markdown file also. Use hash symbol before the heading text and you can change the size by adding hash symbols from 1 to 6 repeatedly.
  • Normal text will be added by just typing it.
  • Bold text can be created by enclosing double stars or underscores before and after the text.
  • For italics, use single underscore before and after the text.
  • To strike a text, use double tildo symbol before and after the text.
  • Note: Don't give any spaces between the symbols and text.
  • In markdown file, ordered list and unordered list can be created. Unordered lists can be created using star as well as dash symbol. Ordered lists or numbered list can be created using any starting number.
  • Use Greater than symbol (>) to create highlighted text.
  • Horizontal line can be created using three underscores or dashes.
  • In markdown file, tables can also be created using the following syntax. Use pipe symbol to specify each columns and dashes for dividers.
  • Program code can be inserted into the markdown file. Code like css, javascript or bash commands! Three backquotes are used before and after the code! Css code can also used inside this area!
  • A link can be directly pasted in the markdown editor, instead we can make it like a anchor tag in html.
  • Inside a square brackets, the text will be placed and inside the braces, the link will be placed.
  • Placing the image inside the anchor tage is also possible.
  • Note: Make sure that you have given a correct image url, else alt text will be displaced with broken image thumbnail. ## Github new feature ---
  • GitHub has recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README to display on their GitHub profile.

  • For Example, If you see my github profile page, you can see that profile-level README about me!

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~ Thank You.

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