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Silly hats & being called something related to the company. Forced to ride their branded cycles.

Team lead: "Everyone say hi to our newest intern. All members are called Nootooters for 18mths. Put on your happy hat!"
Dev: "I'm 42 with a Phd do I have to?:
TL: "Oh :sad face: I'm sorry to see you hate us. Now hurry :happy face:"
TL: "That's sooooo much better. See? Do you think? I have to scoot-toot along. Starbucks is on floor 3, their 8x mega latte vente with caffeine spike is amazing!!! Don't forget compulsory yoga is at 4 in the unity center. Attendance is optional. See you there, Nootooter "

Yeah. Stay away from anything like that.


Ick. That reminds me of my Kindergarten teacher. I hated my Kindergarten teacher.



Wait until they try to take your toys away for not saying what they want to hear.

That's the only time I appear.

Thankfully you are the Lord of Time & can make things go backwards like that scene with the weird physics in that superman movie.

I hated your kindergarten teacher too & the brat that always handed them fruit.


like that scene with the weird physics in that superman movie.

I understood that reference

Thank you! I didn't want to come across as weird on the internet or anything.

That was how physics used to work before the internet but the telephone cables would fall down & injure intrepid reporters so we had to switch to flat earth with a truman dome. My connection has been perfect ever since.

Stay strong Blue Star Man. Unwinding in progress.

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