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CSS & JS Camp 2019

CSS & JS Camp

Check out the HTML & CSS

Check out CSS Camp & JS Camp events.

Follow the founder @davidpich as he just signed up to

Go to the after party with secret special guests in Barcelona on July 17-18-19 of this year.

David was worried I will spam you, I am worried this is not spammy enough (I made a CSS logo!) so meet at camp to decide. It will be the first one so you can hold it over people's head as authenticity points for a lifetime & Barcelona is a nice warm place to CSS & JS in + there will be party things. We can throw things at CSS in JS people too.

I am already working on getting them to give out swag & prizes stay tuned. If you would like to go but can't afford it, send a msg & we'll see what happens. No promises, I'm not a you-get-a-car person, but if you'd love to go but can't afford it, let's see if we can all work out how you can.

Please share or tell anyone who may be interested. I am not being paid for this, I should be but David is just a person trying to help people. I am a person trying to help a person helping people.

If this annoys you, sorry. Leave a comment below to let me know (It'll help trigger the pop algos).

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