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What can be accomplished with a language that is as misunderstood as CSS blows my mind. Amazing work.

I would love to know how long this took you.

I saw the iterations (bloopers) and each one, albeit funny, still conveys the amount of time you put into this.

Curious if you have taken a peak at this diana-adrianne.com/purecss-francine/ ? Sorry it's not in markdown, I'm on my phone and will edit later 😁


Thanks. It didn't take that long (low xx hrs maybe) because it is just an iteration of

vuild.com/july-4 (same egg shape even).
vuild.com/history-css-art more info
vuild.com/game-watch/ was the one that took me ages (resize).

Francine is very impressive. I think the current 'standard' is this:


from @ivorjetski who spends months. Look at the detail.

I am not really making art, I am browser testing mostly so the techniques/outcomes are different. Diana & Ben are making art.


Oh & the bloopers? They're fake mostly. Based on people I know...of.



Thank you. The misfits are the best part, you should see IE. 😃


Very cool! I was just thinking of animating mine! Looks like you beat me too it!



I had to. Once yours was done my faces are a waste of time. When I made the first one in 2012 I imagined someone else making a realistic one, not me. You fully pulled it off. I was laughing hard when I saw you tackling mouth-teeth-hair. 😭