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OTP Verification Using Sms4inida Api With Php and Mysql

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OTP verification is used for a security purpose during the registration time or login time. So here we made OTP Verification using the third-party API with some PHP functions and validation. Here we also used a database for a matching purpose OTP is right/wrong.

In this OTP verification, we used one form with and some basic input fields. Also, validation purposes we used submit function which we write in code. Here we used sms4india free API(25 messages only) with and basic of API key and secret keys.

How to create an account in Sms4inida:-

Step 1: Create an account in sms4india.

Step 2: After Login Click To Api and See over The Navbar.

Step 3: Then Click on Test Key Then Copy API Key And Secret Key, Paste “apikey=”&secret=”, here Then remove the Comma.

Step 4: Then They Provide Only 25 Test Free SMS.

After that, you have to create one database with one table. Under the table, you have added 3 Column’s contact number, OTP, and time. Then create a connection in the PHP file.

Download source code

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