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5 Best Resources To Learn Javascript in 2020

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages on the web. Even though it was initially developed just for web pages, it has seen exponential growth in the past two decades.

Now, JavaScript is capable of doing almost anything and works on several platforms and devices including IoT. And with the recent SpaceX Dragon launch, JavaScript is even in space.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the availability of a large number of frameworks and libraries. They make development much easier compared to traditional Vanilla JS development.

1- The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
2- An awesome more advanced written introduction to JavaScript: A re-introduction to JavaScript
3- 30 days of JavaScript challenges with corresponding videos by Wes Bos: JS 30
4- A video series introducing JavaScript: Khan Academy Computer Programming
5- Free Code Camp

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perpetual . education

Exercises for Programmers is a great language agnostic book of challenges that we think works really well for JavaScript. In conjunction with that book - you can use the MDN docs. It will teach you how to think instead of just how to type and memorize things.

Watch and Code is also really good.

There seem to be Eloquent JavaScript people and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja people. We're the latter.

Then later the more specific getify books are great

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This is also one of the great resources I found - 33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know