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C# file nesting in VSCODE

Partial classes Interface/Implementation
Image description Image description

I know, I know it's been a while since I wrote. This one is worth reading!

  1. Press CMD+, (or CTRL+, for the poor 😎) to open VSCODE settings window.

  2. Type nesting in the search bar at the top, then find Explorer > File Nesting: Patterns tab as shown in the picture.

Image description

  1. Add those two items at the end that is highlighted in the picture.

Image description

Now 2 things happen:
1) you partial classes nest under main class.
2) you implementations nest under interfaces if they are in the same folder.

Partial classes


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Thank you

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That's awesome 🤩🤩

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Nice! Out of interest, can you explain the *.csproj nesting configuration you have in the screenshot? What's that one doing? Ta