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Kelvin Wangonya
Kelvin Wangonya

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Hackathon submission

What I built

An auto repair shop management system.

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Built for Business

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This is a system designed to help auto repair shops manage and keep track of jobs, clients, vehicles, etc. You can read a full description on the project's Readme.

Link to Source Code


Permissive License

Apache License 2.0


I have a friend who owns an auto repair shop. Process are being handled manually and as the shop grows this is getting out of hand. We had a conversation about coming up with a simple system to keep track of clients and jobs and this Hackathon gave me the perfect platform to get this done.

I'll continue improving the system to a point where it's fully usable by him i.e reduce any manual labor on their side as much as possible. Later on, this can be expanded to a few other local shops.

How I built it

I used Django + Postgres to build this. I followed the simple instructions on the sample django repo provided by Digital Ocean. I also added integration with Sendgrid for emails.

I had never used Digital Ocean for anything before but I didn't face any issues with the deployment.

I learned my way around the platform and I see myself using it for my other side projects.

Additional Resources/Info

  • To get started quickly, you can generate dummy data on the jobs page. This will create jobs, contacts, vehicles and staff to work with.

  • Apparently, Safari browser doesn't show a dropdown calendar on HTML date fields natively like other browsers. I'm yet to fix this so if you'll be testing the system on Safari, the date fields on the job creation form will appear like regular text fields.

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Samuel Mashar

kali sana msee

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This submission is awesome! Good job.

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Leonardo Furtado

How many time do you spend doing it?

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Kelvin Wangonya

About three weeks.