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Kelvin Wangonya
Kelvin Wangonya

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My idea for the Hackathon

For this Hackathon I'm thinking of creating something for the "Built for Business" category.

What I'll build

An auto repair shop management system. I know a few local businesses that might make use of something like this.

For the MVP, the app will provide a simple admin interface allowing users to:

  • view various metrics on a dashboard
  • manually add staff members / import from csv or excel
  • add contacts (who can either be clients or suppliers)
  • add vehicles (attached to clients)
  • add jobs (attached to clients and assigned to staff members)
  • generate invoices for jobs based on the labor and materials required
  • add appointments with clients
  • send emails to contacts


Django + Postgres



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Bobby Iliev

This sounds like an amazing project! 🤘

Good luck and have fund building!

yvesnrb profile image

Cool idea, I'll be following these posts to check you app out!