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Progress: being notified when you're @mentioned

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Twilio Hackathon: cli chat app (7 Part Series)

1) Connect with teammates without leaving your terminal 2) Progress: interface, authentication and receiving messages 3 ... 5 3) Progress: sending messages and being notified when people join the channel 4) Progress: creating/deleting channels, switching active channel and chat history 5) Progress: sending sms 6) Progress: being notified when you're @mentioned 7) Project Submission: cchat


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This is awesome. Definitely a cool set up. Hopefully you release this after finishing. I’d love to utilize this for sure. Pretty awesome.


Thanks 😄
Yeah, I’m definitely planning to continue working on this even after the hackathon. It’s something I’d like to use more with friends for side projects. It’s all open source so I’ll just do a bit of documentation and release it.

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