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Connect with teammates without leaving your terminal

wangonya profile image Kinyanjui Wangonya twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Twilio Hackathon: cli chat app (7 Part Series)

1) Connect with teammates without leaving your terminal 2) Progress: interface, authentication and receiving messages 3 ... 5 3) Progress: sending messages and being notified when people join the channel 4) Progress: creating/deleting channels, switching active channel and chat history 5) Progress: sending sms 6) Progress: being notified when you're @mentioned 7) Project Submission: cchat

For the Twilio hackathon, I'm thinking of building a terminal chat application with python using Twilio's programmable chat api - kinda like Slack with private and public channels, direct messaging, etc but all in the terminal.

I'm still reading through the docs. I'll be documenting my progress here as I discover and implement what the api is capable of.

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