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should you learn THE CLOUD?

keeping-up with technologies is very hectic, but bear with me, and let’s see if you should invest your time in it? or maybe not?

What is the cloud, I hear you ask! It’s 2020 everyone has heard of the term, but it seems like people don’t really know what it means, and they have weird expectations about what it can do. Let’s start with a simple definition.

cloud computing: the delivery of on-demand computing services, from applications to storage and processing power over the internet, and on a pay-as-you-go basis.

do we really need it?

Yes, we DO! Whoever you may be, running your own startup, software developer, or just a user of a cloud application ( Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs). Everyone will benefit time and money. Though I can nerd-out and keep ranting about the endless possibilities of cloud computing, I’m keeping it short so you don't spend the day on an article.

Are people really switching to the cloud?

 Cloud-based apps are expanding by the day. Their number has nearly tripled between 2013 and 2016, from 545 to 1427 different services and revenue from the sector is expected to grow in adoption to 56% by 2020, jumping to $331 billion by 2022 (from $175.8 billion in 2018).

should you learn it?

 Maybe, It all comes back to what you are interested to build. As it has not fully dominated the field yet, it’s not a must, but it will be replacing a lot of jobs and creating new ones in the near future, so I think that early adopters we’ll have great leverage. If you have the time, I strongly recommend that you take the jump.

Top cloud providers (2020):

 1. Amazon Web Services.

 2. Microsoft Azure.

 3. Google Cloud Platform.

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