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Git terms for dummies!

Mid journey toward learning to code you came across the term GIT whether it is mentioned in a tutorial, or you've seen it on every job posting out there. This is the article for you, I'll try to explain the most common terms used and give you a glimpse of what this tool has to offer.


Git is a version control system, it’s simply a tool for programmers to coordinate their work, providing a better workflow for teams.

Repository :

Repository is a treasury for your code.
A repository consists of a folder containing files of code / images / text …

Remote :

Remote repository is a version of your project on the internet that is hosted on a web-based version control like GitHub.

Branching :

Branching out or creating a new branch is having another copy of your code on the same repository and is used to give developers the freedom of experimenting and working on new features without the fear of altering the main project.

Merging :

Merging is combining multiple branches of the project on the main branch that is commonly referred to as master.

Merge conflicts :

Merge conflicts happens after trying to merge two branches caused by having concurrent changes in the same file that git doesn't know how to deal with.

The 3 git states :

  • Modified: A tracked file has been altered.
  • Staging: Files that are ready to be committed.
  • Committed: A file the has been added to the last commit, committing is creating an image of the repository. Every commit has a hash to identify it, the author’s name, date, and a commit message.

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