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Introduction to Cybersecurity Journey

Cybersecurity is a journey that if often walked alone one may end up giving up. Fortunately, this field has so many amazing experts that are more than willing to share their skills through various social platforms. It is imperative that one understands that infosec has so many paths that one would probably chose to follow for example forensics,reverse engineering, bug bounty hunting, malware analysis,cryptography among many others. For me I chose to begin with bug bounty hunting. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting my journey on how I found my first bug, the various tools I used and my experience along the way. I will also recommend various cybersec experts that one should follow for indispensable information. Meanwhile I would highly recommend that one remains extremely passionate and resilient about whatever path they are undertaking no matter how rough it gets. In all honesty it's not always easy as our minds make it look like but with impeccable effort all will always fall into place.

I am extremely thrilled to be sharing my experience with you, I hope one way or another I will help you become a better version of yourself and help you understand various concepts in a much easier way.

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Ted Ngeene

Can't wait to read the series!

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Watiri Kambo Author

Dope content coming along 😊