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Discussion on: What's the best charts library with a small bundle size?

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Waylon Walker

👏 This is Wonderful ✨

By the way I think this idea is amazing! I agree that the format is a bit code-y, wonder if you can have a { % chartjs % } tag that gives full control of everything. Then have a simple interface with good defaults that tend to match the reader's selected theme. I would suggest a few generic formats that would just take csv data as the input, then it could be copy and paste from any relational data. I would suggest at least 4 types; line, barv, barh, and scatter. After those 4 I would lean into whichever charting library you pick for something more complicated. Those 4 can do 90% of what most people need.


It would also be nice if there was an easy playground. I am not familiar with a lot of them, but c3.js has really nice examples, and you can jump in and edit the json input on any of them.

Simple Example

I just put this into excel and pasted it into dev. It would be really nice if this worked, even if it wasn't fully customizable, without a more json like format.

{ % linechart % }
data1   data2
30  50
200 20
100 10
400 40
150 15
250 25
{ % end linechart %}
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Ben Halpern Author • Edited

I think this is the right line of thinking.

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Waylon Walker

This will bring a whole new community of folks from other blogging platforms over!

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