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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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The SMOOTHEST yaml editing experience possible yaml-language-server neovim

I've gone far too long without a good setup for editing yaml files, I am missing out on autocomplete and proper diagnostics. This ends today as I setup yaml-language-server in neovim.

The video for this one is part of a
challenge-playlist I put out for myself to constantly improve my dotfiles for all of December.


I have my init.vim setup to only source other modules, if you want everything in a single config, feel free to do as you wish. I broke mine up earlier this year as I doubled into nvim and am not going back.

source ~/.config/nvim/plugins.vim
lua require'waylonwalker.cmp'
lua require'waylonwalker.lsp-config'
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Plugin setup

You will need the following plugins. I use plug, if you don't you will have to convert the syntax over to the plugin manager you use.

neovim/nvim-lspconfig is for configuring the lsp. It comes with a bunch of sane defaults for most servers, so you pretty much just have to call setup on that server unless you want to change the defaults.

hrsh7th/nvim-cmp is what I use for autocomplete. If you are using something else you might need to set that up in a different way in order to get the autocomplete to work. You will still get the diagnostics with just lsp-config.

kabouzeid/nvim-lspinstall will
aide in installing lsp's if you want. I have chosen not to because I want to have my full setup scripted so when I setup any new machine I just run my ansible-playbook. This library is nice to just set things up quick and play with them.

" /home/u_walkews/.config/nvim/plugins.vim
Plug 'neovim/nvim-lspconfig'

" if you want to use nvim-cmp
Plug 'hrsh7th/nvim-cmp'
Plug 'hrsh7th/cmp-nvim-lsp'

" if you want to use lsp-install
Plug 'kabouzeid/nvim-lspinstall'
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cmp config

Make sure that you have nvim_lsp as a source in your cmp config. This is my config as of now, its likely to change in the future, set yours up how you like. hrsh7th has a really good readme if you want help configuring cmp.

Again if you don't use cmp you can skip this step, cmp is for autocomplete.
You can use a different plugin for autocomplete, or not use a plugin at all
if that's your thing.

--  ~/.config/nvim/lua/waylonwalker/lsp-config.lua
-- Setup nvim-cmp.
local cmp = require'cmp'

snippet = {
    expand = function(args)
    -- For `vsnip` user.

    -- For `luasnip` user.
    -- require('luasnip').lsp_expand(args.body)

    -- For `ultisnips` user.
    -- vim.fn["UltiSnips#Anon"](args.body)
mapping = {
  ['<C-n>'] = cmp.mapping.select_next_item({ behavior = cmp.SelectBehavior.Insert }),
  ['<C-p>'] = cmp.mapping.select_prev_item({ behavior = cmp.SelectBehavior.Insert }),
  ['<Down>'] = cmp.mapping.select_next_item({ behavior = cmp.SelectBehavior.Select }),
  ['<Up>'] = cmp.mapping.select_prev_item({ behavior = cmp.SelectBehavior.Select }),
  ['<C-d>'] = cmp.mapping.scroll_docs(-4),
  ['<C-f>'] = cmp.mapping.scroll_docs(4),
  ['<C-Space>'] = cmp.mapping.complete(),
  ['<C-e>'] = cmp.mapping.close(),
  ['<CR>'] = cmp.mapping.confirm({
    behavior = cmp.ConfirmBehavior.Replace,
    select = true,
sources = {
    { name = 'nvim_lsp' },
    { name = 'vsnip' },
    { name = 'path' },
    { name = 'buffer' },
    { name = 'calc' },
    { name = 'tmux' },

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lsp config

Next up is the heart of this post, the lsp-config.lua. This one is pretty straight forward, require lspconfig (which you need the plugin for), then set it up with cmp and the extra schemas. I'm sure there are yaml schemas for tons of things, I'll probably add more in the future, but for now, this is what I have.

--  ~/.config/nvim/lua/waylonwalker/lsp-config.lua
    capabilities = require('cmp_nvim_lsp').update_capabilities(vim.lsp.protocol.make_client_capabilities()),
    settings = {
        yaml = {
            schemas = {
                [""]= "conf/**/*catalog*",
                [""] = "/.github/workflows/*"
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