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shiva prasad reddy
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10 VSCode shortcuts to code faster ✌🏻

1) This is my most favorite and most frequently used shortcut.



First, select the text and then enter command-D to find the instances of similar text.

2) Let's say we are in the huge file and we want to quickly shift to config or function or type etc this command is most use full



3) When we want to quickly jump to a specific line number.



4) Searching the text in the entire project.


5)Have you tired of copying the block of code and pasting code above or below some code. Then this command is for you.

control-up-arrow or control-down-arrow 
alt-up-arrow or alt-down-arrow 


6) Have you ever wondered how to delete a line quickly in vs code



one more advantage it also copies that line for you.
note: if you want to delete a line without copying then use


7) Selecting word , this command is most powerful 🏎 when it is combined with the first example



8) Have you ever come across situation where you have declared all constants as lowercase and you have to make them upper case.

⌘-shift-P/ctrl-shift-P  ->To open command pallate 
search for Transform to Uppercase


9) When you are working on different files and you quickly want to get back to the previous file


10) Search with the file name


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Gleb Skibitsky • Edited

Well, number 7 isn't VS Code shortcut, it works across whole system :)

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Lucas Moura

Nice !!

mayronceccon profile image
Mayron Ceccon

Very good! Congratulations!

waystogo profile image
shiva prasad reddy

Thank you 😊

anduser96 profile image
Andrei Gatej

In addition to nr 2): you can add ‘:’ after ‘@‘ in order to group the symbols in your file by variables, methods, functions etc..

Otherwise, thanks for sharing!

waystogo profile image
shiva prasad reddy