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3 surprising perks of having a podcast

Hey there and happy new year! My name is Tiago and I am the host of the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast. I started this podcast in June of 2021 and have released already more than 175 episodes and interviewed more than 30 entrepreneurs.

I did not plan to start a podcast

Starting my podcast was something very spontaneous but quickly became a routine. A way for me to vent my feelings and organize my ideas. But I have to say that there are definitely hidden perks of hosting a pod...

1- Free Mentorship

Thanks to my podcast I was able to interview and ask questions to entrepreneurs like Arvid Kahl or Tibo. These are extremely busy entrepreneurs and a lot of people would pay big money for a chance to speak 101 with them for a whole hour... My podcast does not even have a big audience but just the fact of hosting one is already a great argument to convince these experts to share their time with you.

2- Great Marketing Channel

I don't do any external ads on my podcast or have sponsorships. I would love to keep the wbe ads free. Instead, I use my podcast as a marketing tool for my own projects. For example, by becoming a WBE member, listeners gain access to my virtual co-working space for bootstrappers. This has proven to be surprisingly effective because your listeners already know you and want to be part of your projects.

3- Forced Reflection

Every Tuesday I release an episode about my own journey which motivates me to write down my thoughts during the week and reflect on them before each episode. This is great because it "forces" me to stop the autopilot mode and reflect if I am going in the right direction... After releasing the episode I often get feedback and helpful tips from my listeners that help me steer the week ahead.
It's also helpful to go back to older episodes and see what I have learned and what predictions and thoughts were wrong...

So here you have it, 3 surprising perks of having a podcast, I speak more about this in my latest episodes or you can start by checking out episode number 1


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