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Trial periods... Are they worth it? - part 2

Quick Recap

So a few days back I told you about my initial experience with trial periods in my entrepreneurs community.

You can read the previous post here

I finish the previous post telling you that I did not know if the trial periods were actually going to work because it had been 8 hours since it was live and nothing had happened. I know that 8 hours is not a lot but as a bootstrapper living from his savings every minute counts!!!

Beautiful Morning
I normally do this posts before bed because there is nothing better than waking up with 2 likes in a post! XD (gives you the motivation to get a job)

Anyway, I was surprised to notice that there were two new trial members! And not long after that one more joined us!
24 hours later and 4 new members have joined which proves that the conversion has definitely increased!!

Will this people actually pay for it?

In the end it does not matter much if more people are joining if in the end they don't become fulltime members...

So far from the 4 members that have joined only one has started to engage with the community. The others have joined the slack channel and are just in idle mode (which is a bit creepy tbh...)

Am I worried?

Ofc! I am always worried! I don't want to scare away the few paying members I have... I will give it a couple more days to see how things develop but I will probably start kicking out the people that have joined and did not say a word.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Will keep you posted...

PS: Listen to the podcast episode about this here

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