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Design Github profile using README.md

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You can Design your Github profile using Username/README.md repo, this amazing update is under development.

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If you want to listed your all project, website, all social media link and many other link then this github update is for you.

This amazing update is under development. after publish if you want to use this, you have to create a repo Username and create a file README.md and now you can design your github profile using README.md

Have you tried this? it's live!


markdown guide

It looks like it's currently a selective rollout, for my account it doesn't seem to work yet.


Yep, it's currently a selective rollout.


Here is mine
This is really cool feature!

my profile

Please add your profile to Developer Profile so that others will get inspiration to create their own. 😃


Aditya Kamath profile

This was an amazing design , I used it for my profile. Thanks vedant.

My GitHub profile


Nice one!!!
Here's mine which shows your latest medium blogs.

checkout my repo github.com/harshalrj25/mediumblog-... to add medium blogs to your profile.


Looks awesome!
Check out my Readme profile:


I have added your profile to Developer Profile repo.

thanks for adding me to that amazing Repo


Just launched mine with a latest post feature using netlify redirects.






Looks amazing ✨, I might take some tips from yours!


D'www thanks!
I love yours, mine is definitely static-y and wordy, I'm not one for restraint XD


That's awesome ! I did mine too even if I'm nowhere close to the wonderful ones in other comments 😄

I also read a post on how to monitor the view count of your profile !


Yeah, it's a pretty neat feature. I added mine this evening.


Hi there 👋

I am aayushi Sharma. I Love ❤️ programming and currently working as Machine learning engineer.


  • Python
  • JavaScipt
  • React
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • App Development

Things got bugs, gonna smash them one by one



Is this something we can add or it an update?


It's currently available for selected user


I have created a repository for awesome github profile aims to collect the all awesome beautiful READMEs profile and make your Profile look good & Inspire other's.


doesn't seem to work for me either, it looks like is selective rollout


Yep, it's selective rollout 🤗


I think cats add up to the overall design c: github.com/miguelbogota

image of miguelbogota GitHub profile


I built a small command-line tool in Swift tool to generate the README.md from a template and extend the template to use plugins that might get dynamic data. Here is the link if you are interested:



Amazing ✨, Thanks for sharing


thank for the tip! I've already done my page kickstart: github.com/yurireeis


Amazing ✨, Thanks for sharing


Amazing ✨, Thanks for sharing


Well, I just typed in my user name into new repository input box. And then I saw that I found a secret ;-) Try it.


This is cool, can't wait to get access to the preview :)


this is a cool update I didn't know about, but the article could've used some proofreading

  • youtu.be/x0Boemw9teU
  • I have created a video for markdown files and demo for github profile
  • kindly check it!