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Self-taught all the way. Currently in college for Software Engineering degree and taking classes that show nothing new and I have no idea what I'm here when I know this. Its just the first 2 quarters so I guess the hard stuff is going to get to me in the Bachelor part.

First I wanted to make a website for my dad when I was 15 so I started learning HTML. Learned it, learned a little bit of CSS, and everything looked ugly so I thought I am worthless and stopped. Year and a half later something kicked in and I started learning back again in extremely intense tempo. Learned JavaScript, and Jade, Scss and all other possible derivatives of CSS and HTML. Later on I discovered the beauty of Docs and tortured myself with using only Vanilla for 2 years because "the website is lighter that way (and faster)". Discovered Mithril.js and became really proficient with it.

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