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Quick Note Fixing `connect` FlowType Annotation after 0.89

This’ll be a quick post about how to fix most of the connect annotations.

Upgrading Flow past 0.85 has been tough. Flow asks for more required annotations after 0.85 created some hundreds of errors requiring for annotations. And what has dragged me the most is mainly connect and (especially together with) some other higher order components.

Annotating the most common use case of connect

Namely, the use case of connect with a mapStateToProps and the the object shorthand of mapDispatchToProps:

FlowTyped to react-redux_v5.x.x/flow_v0.89.x-

First, update flow-typed definitions for react-redux to the v0.89.x version. This contains the latest support for the bug fix in Flow 0.85 which required us to explicitly pass types into the exported generic types. To learn more, you may read the pull request #3012.

The connect declaration decrypted

connect will have six type parameters

connect<-P, -OP, -SP, -DP, S, D>

Decrypting to:

connect<Props, OwnProps, StateProps, DispatchProps, State, Dispatch>

Not all of those type parameters are required. You may replace part of those with a placeholder _. But you may not omit the placeholders.

How to annotate

  • Annotate the return of mapStateToProps
  • Annotate Props and OwnProps type parameters for connect
  • Props is normally the prop types for the component
  • OwnProps normally is Props minus those fed in by connect via mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps
// react-redux_v5.x.x/flow_v0.89.x-/test_connect.js
type OwnProps = {|
  passthrough: number,
  forMapStateToProps: string,
  forMapDispatchToProps: string,

type Props = {
  fromMapDispatchToProps: string,
  fromMapStateToProps: string,
type State = { a: number }
type MapStateToPropsProps = { forMapStateToProps: string }

const mapState = (state: State, props: MapStateToPropsProps) => {
  return {
    fromMapStateToProps: 'str' + state.a,

const mapDispatch = {
  dispatch1: (num: number) => {},
  dispatch2: () => {},

connect<Props, OwnProps, _, _, _, _>(mapState, mapDispatch)(MyComponent)

Where to learn more?

I saw this question asked in Flow’s GitHub repo if not at a lot more places. I had a hard time trying to figure it out myself, too.

Is there an "official way" of annotating connect?

Short answer: no.

A bit longer answer as suggested in the first reply in #7493:

Have a look at the tests alongside the flow-typed libdef. That's the best way to see up-to-date recommended practices.


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