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Cute PC Accessories

Not that serious blog post this time! I wanted to list some of the cute computer accessories that I have seen, and admire how much options where to select from there are nowadays! I would have loved to have a pink keyboard when I was a kid but luckily I'm able to have that now :)

I tried listing few items from different price points and categories. Feel free to mention in comments if you have some other suggestions in mind!


Logitech G733

  • Wireless and lighweight headset with microphone
  • Purple, White, Blue and Black color options
  • Customizable headband with different color options
  • ~ 150e

  • There is also G335 model which is similar, Black, White and Mint color options, price ~70e

Razer Kraken Kitty Ears

  • Very cute wired headset with cat ears
  • There's also a Bluetooth version but apparently it's not very good
  • Quartz (pink) and Black color options
  • ~ 200e

Corsair Virtuoso

  • Elegant gaming headset
  • White/Pearl, Black and White/Carbon color options
  • ~ 180e


Logitech POP Keys

  • Wireless mechanical keyboard with Brown switch
  • Daydream Mint, Heartbreaker Rose and Blast Yellow color options
  • The design reminds me of old typewriter!
  • ~100e

Razer BlackWidow V3

  • Wired mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB
  • Razer Green or Yellow switch
  • Quartz or Black color options
  • ~ 150€

Logitech K380

  • Simple Bluetooth keyboard
  • I had this as a second keyboard and I liked it a lot
  • off-white and Rose color options
  • ~ 50e

Blackstorm RGB Mech 2021

  • 60% compact wireless mechanical keyboard with Red switch
  • My current second keyboard, can be paired with multiple devices
  • Cute pink
  • There's also a very similar keyboard from Deltaco
  • ~ 60e

Blackstorm pink keyboard


Razer Viper Ultimate

  • Wireless gaming mouse
  • Cute color options: Mercury (white), Quartz (pink) and Black
  • ~ 170e

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

  • Compact wireless mouse
  • I use this for work! It's small and has couple extra buttons
  • Rose, Black and White color options
  • ~ 80e

Logitech G305

  • Wireless gaming mouse
  • Many color options: Lilac, White, Blue, Mint and Black
  • ~ 60e


Logitech Mic Covers

  • Cute pop filters for headset mics
  • 5 different shapes included in the package: Star, Mustache, Heart, Thumb up and Lips
  • ~10e

Razer Customized Mouse Mat

  • Different sizes available
  • Cute Gudetama and Hello Kitty designs
  • ~20-50e

Logitech Desk Mat

  • Long desk mat with cute color options (Lavender, Dark Rose, Mid Grey)
  • ~ 20e

I hope you found some inspiration from this list! It's been fun to look through different options and see what is available.

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darkwiiplayer profile image
𒎏Wii 🏳️‍⚧️

NGL, kinda disappointed that most of this is just gaming hardware but in pink. So many missed opportunities, specially all the keyboards that haven't even replaced the windows logo with something else. I have a heart icon for my start menu, why wouldn't I want a matching heart button on my keyboard? SMH

(Don't take my criticism of the products as criticism of the article though; I enjoyed scrolling through this :D)

whatminjacodes profile image
whatminjacodes [she/they] • Edited

Heh no worries, I do get that :D Would love to have a heart start button! Luckily mechanical keyboards at least allow changing the key caps :)

And I happen to like pink (and I'm a gamer) so that's why there's mostly pink gaming options (or I chose a pink device to the picture, even if there were other color options available) :D But that's why I also mention in the text the different color options.

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

Something annoying for me is it's much, much harder to find keyboards and keycaps in ISO than in ANSI, and I just plain don't like ANSI :(

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

The worst ones are Apple, who made their own hybrid "UK" keyboard that has a layout somewhere between the two. It's hard to imagine the focus group where anyone said, "this is neat!"

lukeshiru profile image
Luke Shiru

OMG that Gudetama set! 🤩

whatminjacodes profile image
whatminjacodes [she/they]

I know right! <3

andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

Some of these are super fun, I didn’t know the K380 came in colour! Thanks for sharing.

whatminjacodes profile image
whatminjacodes [she/they]

Yeah there's few options! I think they also had a blue keyboard but didn't see it available anymore. K380 is awesome!

hazannovich profile image

Nice list but please dont buy those god awefull razer headphones i think they publish them everywhere as a joke

whatminjacodes profile image
whatminjacodes [she/they]

I don't really understand why do you feel the need to comment if you don't like something shrug. I think those are cute and no need to hate anyone who has bought them.