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How fast do you code?

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I’ve always wondered how fast other developers code. How many lines of code do they write per day, per hour? To be honest i’m a pretty slow coder, i can type faster but i prefer to go slow.

I want to know what everyone thinks? Are the so called β€œreal” developers really fast coders? does it matter at all?

Any input would be appreciated:)

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There used to be Codeivate--an app that would measure keystrokes over time with a text editor (sublime text, text wrangler, atom) plugin.

You might want to give πŸ‘€

I think there are definitely some wizards out there who can shred on a keyboard and have great code, but from my encounters they usually are over 50 and have beards that usually choose python as their weapon of choice 😜.

But I don't think to be a "real" dev you gotta be fast. And to answer your question of does it matter, I think the context "matters". Some interviews have timed coding challenges so in that sense I can see how it does. Or if you have a micromanaging boss, than perhaps maybe looking productive versus actually being productive matters.


I think we will all definitely get to the point where we're shredding on a keyboard lol, but ive always thought quality cant be rushed, so i take my time.


And the other bottleneck is how expressive is the language you use.

To obtain the same functionality you'd need 10x more lines of Java than you'd need in Lisp for exemple. That directly impacts how fast you achieve what you want to achieve.


That also depends on your target. If you're after a GUI app, for example, you might get there a lot faster in Java with all the available libraries and automatically-inserted boilerplate an IDE gives you.


Depends if I need to implement something I already "know" (in programming contest for instance and I'm decent (not too fast but not that slow)), or if I'm writting something new (in that case I make a looooooot of mistakes and I'm pretty slow due to my lack of experience I think)


Programming is quite incidental to software development


i never considered there was a bottleneck in the way we think about programming


I dunno, but I've noticed that I type faster if the music I'm listening to is also fast and similarly slow if it's slow. And I go much faster when writing Ruby than Javascript.

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