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I'm Nodejs Backend developer and love it, Ask Me Anything!

tags: pinus, nestjs , pomelo,

skills: mysql,redis,mongodb,win32,asm32,mfc,.

languages: cpp/c,lua,javascript,typescript.

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Jack Elendil B. Lagare

Hey. I have a question regarding Passport-Auth0 and Nodejs (Restify). I'm trying to make this work but the application just hangs:

var passport = require('passport');

var callbackFunction = passport.authenticate("auth0",{},function(req, res, next){
        return next();

module.exports = {
    get: callbackFunction
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Hi! I want to get started o NodeJS and I come from a PHP and C# (.Net core) background. What is the best way to get started on NodeJS? What where your main challenges? What are the advantages?

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Emmanuel Barrera

What is your best stack or environment for create an backend and why?

And what path or libraries do you think that is the future on backend sytems?