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Writing Your First REST API


so this is the second part to my previous post 'Understanding REST api',in this part we'll make a small REST - API in node JS. so without further ado let's start making your first ever API


  1. install node js (
  2. install vs code (editor)
  3. install POSTMAN (for testing routes)


  • create a folder
  • initialize the folder with
npm init -y
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  • open the folder in vscode
  • type ctrl+shift+` in your keyboard to open integrated terminal
  • we'll be using expressjs for writing api
  • so in terminal type npm install express uuid
  • uuid will help us to create a RFC random id
  • in package.json go to scripts and replace tests with "scripts":{ "start":"node app.js" }

LET'S start

create a file called app.js in your root folder
inside app.js write the following code

Alt Text

all of our routes are stores in folder called routes/routes.js
inside routes.js write the following code

Alt Text

how to check whether request working or not?
open the postman , if you want a get request ,select GET from a dropdown , and type endpoint in url section

you can checkout the code at :

in upcoming blogs , we'll cover how to deploy a complete rest api on heroku :)

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