Have you ever been hunted by recruiters on Tinder?

kevin_kevin on October 03, 2018

My story about the bot for job proposals and the reaction on it made me feel that I am not the one who struggles. Some collegues of mine even tol... [Read Full]
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Hey cutie :) <3 I got a hot position in a thriving startup.

  • $105k
  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • 401k
  • Free beer on tap

send resumes

Hit me up for more ;)


I’d... I’d actually be down with a recruitment process like that 👌


I forget exactly what the interactions were, but I do recall one or two recruiter-esque Tinder interactions back when I was single.


Never on tinder, however Whisper - someone saw me often post networking/sysadmin, and offered me a few contracts to fix some broken code


mmm... what is the best programming technology to have in your resume, in order to be hunted by female recruiters on Tinder? Asking for a friend.


Woah! I have not, I wonder who they target-- definitely have gotten a bunch of code related pickup lines though!


I expect the percentage of devs among males on tinder is much higher than the percentage of devs among females on tinder, so it makes business sense to target men only.

Nevertheless, that is a sexist recruitment strategy and thereby illegal in some jurisdictions.


Sometimes I use XING (the German LinkedIn 😂) as a replacement for Tinder. Those recruiters can be cute!

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