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XUMM 1.1 ยป 2.0 ยป 3.0 - Update ๐ŸŽ‰

Those who followed the recent developments at XPRL Labs, as Tweeted by XRPL Labs, XUMM & the XRPL Labs founder Wietse, know they can expect a significant XUMM update in the coming days.

 โ€ข XUMM 1.1 will be called 2.0 released in April 2021
     โ€ข This includes CSC migration support & tool
 โ€ข XUMM 2.0 will be 3.0, released in Q2~3 2021
 โ€ข We're introducing xApps, aggregating the XRPL ecosystem
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1.1: Not a 'dot one' release

The coming update has been referred to as "XUMM 1.1". The coming (soon) update did indeed started out as a 'dot one' release. However, while we were coding a couple of cool new features to add to the lastest (first public, final, non-beta) XUMM 1.0 release we decided to add a couple of significant new features to the 1.1 release we were already developing.

2.0: Profiles & opt-in KYC

Halfway last year ('20) we published our roadmap for XUMM, referring to a "XUMM 2.0" release around Q1 2021. XUMM 2.0 would introduce XUMM Pro, with 'opt in KYC', verified profile pages, hosted PayString, payment requests, transaction push notifications and some other cool features.

Vision: the ecosystem

While working on XUMM 1.1 features, our vision expanded. XUMM has the opportunity to do more than offer kick ass non custodial wallet features to end users. XUMM could (also) already empower developers to interact with end users (through 'sign requests', using the XUMM SDK).
XUMM XRPL Ecosystem

Why not take the collaboration / integration between XUMM and the entire XRP Ledger ecosystem to the next level by allowing curated 3rd party XRPL ecosystem developers to put their own tools & XRPL apps straight into the hands of XUMM users?

What if XRPL ecosystem developers could build tools ('apps') then to offer them in a unified user interface inside XUMM? A great user experience for end users, while both users & developers don't have to worry about key management. XUMM takes care of security & signing.

Hi 'xApps' ๐Ÿ‘‹ - "XRPL/XUMM Apps"

We figured developing exactly this would be win-win-win:

  • Other developers can offer their tools to end users in a secure, trusted environment: XUMM, without spending a single second on (private) key management.
  • End users get access to more on ledger features & tools, a better user experience (unified) & don't have to trust their keys to any other app.
  • More time for XRPL Labs to focus on core XUMM & XUMM Platform development, with more and more features being added to XUMM by trusted 3rd party developers.

XUMM xApps

We wrote drafts & coded some more.

Developing xApps

While adding xApp support to XUMM, we made a list of xApps to develop ourselves, using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS). To offer new features to end users & showcase xApps to users & developers. We came up with xApps to:

  • Configure Tangem Card back up cards
  • "Merge" on ledger accounts (AccountDelete)
  • Issue tokens on the XRPL
  • Create escrows
  • Trade (more advanced, limit orders) on the XRPL Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

(We have some more ideas, but with only 24 hours in a day we could only select a couple of them).

We realized some of the trusted, appreciated XRPL community developers built some of the tools on our list, like @nixerFFM's, Towo Labs's XRP Toolkit and what about @Gatehub's awesome DEX trading interface? We pitched our xApps vision & invited them to build. And guess what? They did!

Welcome home CSC ๐Ÿค—

Still working on XUMM 1.1, realizing that what we were working on would result in an update not worthy of a 'dot one' label, we were talking to a couple of familiar & respected people from the CSC (CasinoCoin) team. We talked about how their project, running on technology forked from the XRP Ledger, would benefit from migrating back onto the XRP Ledger.

In the years since their fork the XRP Ledger improved and advanced: it's more decentralized than ever, scalable infrastructure is being provided by multiple parties, new features are introduced and voted in by independent validators and with the upcoming Hooks amendment, smart contract features may even be available natively on the XRP Ledger in the future.

The cherry on top? XUMM would be available -out of the box- for the project's end users & partners. Offering a user friendly, secure & actively developed non custodial wallet & launchpad for CSC ecosystem xApps & online + retail integrations using xApps and the XUMM platform.

It didn't take much time for the CSC team to make a decision ๐Ÿ˜‰. At XRPL Labs, we offered to build a token migration wizard. We could use our own technology to build it: a CSC migration xApp. Eating our own dogfood, our xApps implementation evolved and improved while we were building both the XUMM update & the xApp.

Planning & roadmap

Closing in on the end of our XUMM update development cycle, we realized that XUMM 1.1 actually became XUMM 2.0 - be it with different features (and quite some changes/updates under the hood making the implementation of our original planned 2.0 release easier to develop). We changed, fixed & added a total of 120 (!!) things. We updated the app, our platform, our infrastructure and our developer SDK. On top of that, we introduced, documented & built xApp support & our own xApps, and added a feature allowing XRPL forks to migrate back to the XRPL.

We feel our upcoming XUMM release kicks off a new chapter. Characterized by convergence & increased collaboration between XRPL ecosystem players, XRPL community developers and XUMM end users, with XUMM & the XRPL as the binding factor. We're aggregating the ecosystem.

@Arturo_P_A worded our own vision even better than we would have been able to do it ourselves:

Changing version numbers

At the risk of confusing our users, we feel we must amend our version numbers & roadmap.

What we originally planned for a 2.0 release will be released ~mid 2021 in XUMM 3.0.

XUMM 3.0

Our ~mid 2021 XUMM release with features as originally presented in our mid 2020 blog post will be XUMM 3.0, featuring:

  • XUMM Pro (โ‚ฌ50 / $60 per year)
  • Opt in KYC
  • Verified Profiles & Payment Request pages
  • Hosted PayString (previously called: PayID)
  • More (interesting) xApps, by XRPL Labs & other companies & developers from the XRPL ecosystem

A note on releasing xApps

xApps don't depend on a specific XUMM release version, so the can be published and updated on the go (rolling releases) without end users having to update their XUMM app. Expect us to do that (together with other XRPL devs). We'll be introducing new xApps between XUMM releases.

Exit 1.1, long live XUMM 2.0

XUMM Dark Mode

Our upcoming XUMM release (April 2021) will be XUMM 2.0, featuring:

  • xApps
  • Dark mode
  • Payment requests (request XRP or fiat amount converted to XRP)
  • Currency rate conversion (XRP - fiat): secify fiat amount, send XRP equivalent
  • Improved (community provided) translations & more languages
  • Account re-ordering & hiding (eg. hide inactive Regular Key accounts)
  • Improved Decentralized Exchange transaction presentation in the transaction list (Events)
  • NFT support (XLS-14d)
  • Included xApps:
  • Importing alternative alphabet secrets & CSC Migration Wizard (with XUMM KYC)

We already developed a couple of important features required for XUMM 3.0: they are present (but hidden) in XUMM 2.0, so we can start testing XUMM 3.0 features with selected* (see note below) community members. This allows us to work our way towards a fast and smooth XUMM 3.0 release later this year.

We hope you understand we had to update our version numbering, and we're sorry for possible confusion we cause by doing so. Please allow us to make up for it with a boatload of improvements & awesome new features ๐Ÿ˜Ž

* Selected community members (early XUMM 3.0 feature (testing / beta) access are: well known XRPL ecosystem (development/business) contributors & all users who purchase(d) the XUMM Tangem 4 card or 5 card card pack, including "Early XUMM Pro Beta Access".

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