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How to play Dinosaur Game?

This Easter egg was added to Chrome a few years ago, and it's still available today: if your internet connection goes down while you're trying to visit a web page, you'll see a notification that says "Unable to connect to the Internet" or "No internet" with a small pixilated dinosaur next to it.
Many people were definitely under the assumption that the dinosaur was just a cute little symbol to keep them company while their internet connection was down for maintenance. This was undoubtedly incorrect. However, someone on the other end of the line pressed the space bar on their keyboard. And with that, the dinosaur started off running.
This tiny Easter egg has blossomed into a popular video game among gamers everywhere. This includes if you simply want to play it (with caution, as it is addictive) when you're online and need to take a break. On this page, you'll learn how to play the game while connected to the internet using your browser.
Detailed instructions on how to play the dinosaur game are provided.
If your internet connection is down, simply open Chrome and browse the web. Alternatively, if you're already in Chrome, you may try browsing any page you choose. You'll notice that the error message has a miniature dinosaur next to it, which is intended to be humorous.
Running the dinosaur will be triggered by simply pressing the space bar (or the up arrow) on your keyboard. To jump over obstacles (such as cacti) in your path, press the up arrow on your keyboard while playing. In this game, the longer you hold down the up arrow on your keyboard, the higher the dino will jump.
If you need to go below something, the down arrow should be utilized.
The longer you play, the faster the dino runs and the faster the ground slides across the screen on your computer screen. In the case that you collide with something, the game is over and you must start over from the beginning (your score resets, too). You can re-start the game by pressing the space bar once again.
Good news: you now have something to do while you wait for the restoration of your internet connection to be completed. If you want to play it while you're connected to the internet, that's another story. There are a plethora of alternatives for accomplishing this.
Aside from that, there is yet another technique of locating the game.
You may not have noticed the dino error message since your internet connection was down at the time. Alternatively, you may not want to purposefully turn off your WiFi in order to participate in the game's activities.

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