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QuickTip: Add the Eclipse Integrated Terminal

Did you know Eclipse has an integrated terminal? It's such a useful feature in VSCode, I was thrilled when a co-worker pointed out the same functionality in Eclipse.

Adding the View

Navigate to the top most menu and select:

  • Window
    • Show View
      • Terminal

(If for some reason Terminal isn't an option, select Other... and search for "Terminal" by typing it into the resulting dialog.)

Opening a New Terminal

  • Locate your Terminal View (usually opens at the botom) and click the Open a Terminal button: Alt Text
  • In the resulting dialog, select your desired options (go with the defaults if you're unsure) and click OK.
    • Note the Choose Terminal drop-down also provides SSH and Telnet variants- handy!
  • In the new terminal, cd to your project's working directory.

Side Notes

  • Eclipse doesn't always auto-detect file system changes made from the integrated terminal. You can manually refresh your project by right clicking its root node in the Project Explorer and selecting Refresh.
  • You can exit/close a terminal by first entering the exit command, then closing the tab.

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