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Free, open-source Stripe-to-ERC-20 process: Leverage events from smart contracts

The MESG Foundation launched its testnet last month, along with the testnet Explorer for the visualization of data on the testnet.

What's it good for?

All services and processes on the testnet and Explorer are reusable by anyone, in any application, and are easily deployable with a single line of code.

Plus, when services or processes are used by others, token payments are sent back to the service's developer. Check out all of the actors in the MESG Economy in this article: Token Utility in the MESG Economy.

Stripe to ERC-20 Process

Just today, a reusable webhook-to-ERC-20 process was just posted on the Explorer that allows anyone to connect to any ERC-20 smart contract to a webhook, with two-way interaction. It has been connected to Stripe as a dem. Feel free to play with it here:

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.19.20 PM.png

Reuse it, fork it, do whatever you want!

Developers! Feel free to reuse this process with any ERC-20 smart contract, fork the application, or even reuse the individual Stripe, webhook or ERC-20 services in combination with any other service on the testnet to build whatever you'd like. Get started here

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