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Open Source Monetization Resource List

Open Source developers have difficulty finding ways help support their work, despite the fact that the same developers are responsible for building the foundations that underpin much of today's commercial software.

To help support the sustainability and growth of the OSS movement, I've created a list of monetization options and funding opportunities that open source devs can use to support the work they are passionate about doing. Check it out!

This is intended to be a collaborative effort, so you're interested, I'll send the spreadsheet with you can check out the full list of resources and perhaps add some more (see the website header to get the list).

Employment-type platforms, including bounties, have been left out of this, because this is focused on empowering OSS devs to maintain their freedom, and continue building beneficial tools they are passionate about. Let's make OSS more sustainable together πŸ‘

Also, any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated.

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Will Morgan

How could we make this collaborative list and spreadsheet more effective or beneficial? Any ideas?

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