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Up your DAO UX game with webhooks

Will Morgan
・1 min read

Hey everyone!

We recently built an app on Aragon, which allows any Aragon DAO application to connect to any webhook.

Connecting webhooks to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations opens the door to features like:


Get notified of any (or every) event happening within your DAO without needing to actively check.

Synchronize existing tools

Synchronize your existing tools outside the blockchain, such as invoice systems, issue trackers, communication channels, etc..

Set and forget

Be reactive instead of active on DAO decisions. Either be lazy or just avoid thinking about it when you don’t need to.

Expand your DAO

Open up endless possibilities of Aragon integrations to applications and technologies in the outside world.

How does it actually work?

When a new webhook connection is added to this application, a new MESG Process is created based on requirements. The process is then published on IPFS.

Engines on the MESG Network then listen for every event on Ethereum that shows the creation of a new MESG Process. The new process is then fetched from IPFS, and deployed on the same network (currently the MESG testnet).

For each process deployed, the MESG Network autonomously triggers the action when the events listed in the process occur.

Check out the app and how to install it. It's out now, built using MESG's open platform for business applications. Have at it!

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