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Top 10 BlockStack Apps from Dec 2019

I came across BlockStack( in June 2019 as part of the first "Can't Be Evil" hackathon.

I built BlockSurvey - as part of the hackathon and today it has more than 1000+ users. It allows users to create surveys, polls, & forms with complete confidentiality. Rewards from App Mining helped to build further and I have bootstrapped the product completely from that money.

In this article, I would like to share the Top 10 DApps (BlockSurvey not included) which I like to bring to your attention so that you can try them too. This will also give you an idea of what is possible to be built with Blockstack and how you can bootstrap your product in a quicker time.

  1. Envelop - - Share private files easily, without losing their ownership. An alternative to WeTransfer / Firefox Send.

  2. Compress.Studio - - Serverless Image Compression Tool. An alternative to TinyPng / other image compression tools.

  3. Mumble - - Text and voice chat for passionate communities. An alternative to Slack.

  4. DCasso - - A decentralized drawing app. Ready, Set, Sketch!A fun drawing app.

  5. Dappity - - All your Dapps in one place

  6. Paras - - Your Decentralized Personal Website. An alternative to

  7. Note Riot - - Easy to use note taking app. An alternative to Google Keep, Evernote.

  8. Sigle - - Decentralized blogging platform. An alternative to Medium or any blogging platforms out there.

  9. Arcane Products - - Suite of office and dev tools. An alternative to GSuite in the making.

  10. Daily Habits - - Your private habit tracker.

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Loopbomb • Edited

Would be great if you could check
Perpetual art machine.
Blockchained digital collectibles.
Thank you

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Wilson Bright

Wow! I liked it. Novel idea. I tried taking the snap of it, however, it is not saving in the loops folder.

loopb0mb profile image

Thank you! Yeah UX isn't intuitive or simple enough at the moment. On free spins = infinite watermarked spins but to save clear loops to personal folder people need to buy credits. We are thinking of giving a number of free saved loops, maybe on next version.

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Wilson Bright

Great to know. Looking forward to it. A small suggestion. The CTA 'Play' wasn't obvious at first. It could be bigger and better. I'll try the lightning payment to buy credits.

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Princi Koirala • Edited

Do check Trove now

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