How to get started with Python

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I want to learn Python programming. But I don't know where to start...


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Rohith Gilla here, I know there will be million resources online and we will feel confused on which resource to choose and start with.

I won’t be mentioning any resources, but a plan for you.
One important thing which trust the most is if you are good at a language, picking up a new language would be easier. Because you can relate to the language you know and remember the syntax.
That being said, start knowing basic types, control statements, loops, functions and then dive into Oop with python.
Meanwhile in your journey try implementing hobby projects whenever it’s possible, like once you complete functions try making a hand cricket game in the console, or Rock Paper Scissors game with the console.

After getting a good grip on the basics, start working on a project which includes python and your fav thing. For example if you like web development, try django or flask.
If you like app development try kivy .
Into deep learning try fast.ai or keras
The list is enormous since the python community is really big an awesome 🙌
Hope this helps you
All the best


Very easy to understand, thanks for your sharing and guidance


I love these two resources, but it will not get you into Anaconda.

(BTW, I am only OK with Python and Flask, but not necessarily most popular Python packages.)


The official python website has a tutorial. My best free guide should be that. YouTube has good python videos especially by freecodecamp.I personally started with the second one.


I really appreciate it!