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Currently I'm Thinking About Writing Currently

Good morning, friends! Here's a brief message on clear and concise communication: currently, currently is one of the most overused words in our industry currently.

Tech recruiters are especially generous with this word.

  • Currently we are seeking a developer with 31 years of Angular experience
  • We are currently located in Annapolis
  • Currently we build software at the moment

I hope you are laughing at the third example—it's my personal favorite offender.

Consider these alternatives:

  • We seek a developer with 2 years of React experience, or experience in other libraries/frameworks and an interest in learning on the go.
  • We are in Annapolis Junction (Marylanders may get this reference)
  • We build software

Often currently is a placeholder word, like um. It can be used for emphasis or to imply upcoming changes, such as, "We have no openings currently." It creates a weakness where you want to be communicating in an active voice. Did you notice the subtle, bonus difference between these two sentences?

  • Currently we are seeking a developer
  • We seek a developer

Which one is more affirming, more in command?

If you don't find this advice helpful, or if you think that I'm gatekeeping, let me know in the comments.

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gabriela profile image

Hey! I like the subtle difference that you expressed. When I first read your "idea gist" i wasn't aware if you were kidding in the first bullet point: "developer with 31 years of Angular". I read it 3 times, thinking it's my English being funny today.

I like the "we seek a developer" statement, it's less needy.

I would like even more if this: "We seek a developer with 2 years of React experience" would become this: "We seek a developer with 2 years of React experience or other libraries/frameworks or interest in learning on the go."

Because, in my opinion a developer will gain experience with x tech stuff ~mostly~ if they work in projects with them. This depends on the company, agency, clients. Some things we control, others we don't.

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Jesse M. Holmes

Hi, Gabriela!

Even as I wrote it, I had those same thoughts! My sarcastic tone doesn't always shine through. There is so much value in hiring someone with a real passion for learning, and I believe a lot of opportunity is missed when companies try to hire on such a narrow spectrum.


gabriela profile image

Yep, I agree :)