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Create harmony when working on a Github project that is open source

Hi everyone,

Today I want to write about Github collaboration on an opensource project and how can everybody be able to work in harmony.

As you know a GitHub project usually has contributors, creators, maintainers, and the final users.

We can name more groups and split them more but for our example, it should be enough to create a background.

Each individual in these groups has a different experience and knowledge regarding software or development, in general.

At this point Dear reader, you may have the following question:

How can all these groups contribute to the well being of the project without causing internal fights?

Well, the answer is RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER'S WORK!.

Without respect and dedication, a project can't simply progress in harmony.

Also, another important fact that contributes to harmony is clear and detailed documentation so that everyone can understand, how they can get involved in the project.

Now a lot of people will say:

I don't have time to build documentation for my project, I have other things to do.

The beauty of creating documentation for your project as you write it.Is that you will always remember what you wrote and others will stop creating issues to be able to contribute.

In the end, you will have more time to work on what matters most to you.

Also dealing with issues that can be solved through thorough(detailed) documentation, will make you lose time and passion.

Instead, you can build the documentation and test every part of your code.

So that will generate discussions about enhancements with the other contributors and users, that will be very eager to contribute to your project.

A tested code can also be like an open book for your code, everybody will understand better what you are doing.

I hope you enjoyed this article Dear Reader.

Also if you find this article useful don't forget to share it on social.

What do you think Dear Reader, about how to achieve(get) harmony in an open-source project?

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