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How do you know? that you need a new VSCodium(VSCode without telemetry) extension?

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to write about how to choose a VSCodium(VSCode without telemetry) extension when it is time to add something more to your dev toolbox.

You don't know what VScodium is never heard about it? no problem read my previous article on it here VSCodium article.

From my point of view, the best time to go searching for a new extension is when you feel that your code should be easier to maintain than now.

Also, if you experience a sudden decrease in productivity and some tasks just become repetitive.

These are the signs that you need help and it is a good time to go hunting for an extension to help you solve these problems.

For example, you write a lot of code but for some odd reason, your formatter will not format the file you were working in.

What can we do? it happens right?

Also, when you manage to bring the formatter to the normal state, you discover that it would be useful to see the indentations more easily.

So the next step is to open the extension icon in the editor and start searching.

But for what?

I find it best most of the time to start with a keyword search like indent, in this case. Look at the reviews and what the author wrote in the description of the extension.

I hope you enjoyed this article, Dear Reader.

What method do you use to search for extensions, Dear Reader?

Please write in the comments below, also if you like my articles don't forget to share them on social.

Have a nice weekend, Dear Reader!

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