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How does a premium course look like for you?(any language or technology)

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Hi everyone,

How does a premium course look for you(what would you define as a premium course, what should it contain to be premium)?

Anyone is welcomed to this discussion no matter the experience.

Also, even if you are introverted your opinion may provide new ways to look at things, so don't be shy(timid) and express yourself.

Thanks in advanced for any experiences and opinions on this subject

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For me, a premium course would be something very 'specific' and 'thorough'. It should teach you something that most courses don't and it's not in the sense of being 'premium' per say but perhaps, it teaches something that you've never heard of and can quite be super useful for the topic that you're learning and would likely use it in professional work.


I agree with you, that a course should cover things that are useful for your professional career.

Thanks for sharing your opinion @maramccrann.

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