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What are your opinions regarding(about) animated logos?

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Hi everyone,

What are your opinions regarding(about) animated logos?

Also, how do you think they will affect the brand(improve or weaken it)?

On the other hand, what type of animation do you think will be most popular? (video, Javascript, CSS)

One last point that I also wanted to add to this discussion is how can we make sure that our animated logo will run on all clients(phone, tablet, pc, tv, VR) very fast?

Thanks in advance to all the participants to this discussion.

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I dislike all animations which add no function.
Smoothing transition is not a function.

I have no issues with an animation on something I am going to interact with, unless it slows down the interaction. So if I have to wait for the animation to finish, it's an obstruction. If the animation is not on something I'm interacting with, it's a distraction.

So in case of logos. They can animate when I hover/focus them. They can animate in about screens. They can animated during loading screens. But that's it.


Thanks, @michielhendriks for sharing your opinion, I also agree that micro-interactions with the logos are ok but not timeline animation that will make me wait before I can see the content or use the menu, for example to go to the desired page.

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