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Do a little more testing!

Even when you’re confident in your work, add a bit of extra caution for good measure.

When you think you have a fix, don’t say so right away. Verify more than you want to.

If youre not careful, you can make mistakes and cost everyone’s time. It won’t be a huge deal, but it’ll be annoying and a little embarrassing.

You’ll want to show all your coworkers what a great engineer you are. You can see the whole thing end to end - it works, it makes sense! Isn’t that great? Ship it!

It takes some emotional maturity to resist that temptation. You have to be deliberate about pumping the breaks.

Even in the most agile and fast-moving organization, the experienced developer knows to mix the excitement with a healthy dose of caution. Move fast, but try not to break things. 😄

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