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How to get started on fiverr?

wongauthor profile image Author Wong ・1 min read

Hello everybody! I'm sophomore majoring in computer science, I want to start freelance career on fiverr. But I dont know how to sell my service on fiverr. Do you have any advice for starting freelance on fiverr?

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Matt Ellen • Edited

The trick with freelancing of any kind is getting the word out. Tell everyone you know, try to get them to tell everyone they know.

Twitter, facebook, linkedin,, any other social media you know of. Broadcast your availability.

Networking is important. Make relationships with contacts and maintain them. Go to local software meet ups, conferences, etc., and talk to the people there.

Get used to summing up what you can do in a sentence or two. An "elevator pitch" is useful for getting people interested. If you have to talk for five minutes before they know what you're about they might (probably will) lose interest.

It will take time to find someone who needs your services, maybe you'll talk to 100 people before you find someone to help, maybe more, so don't give up.

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Matt Ellen • Edited

An elevator pitch example, from when I was part of a start up:

We have created a phone app for reading lateral flow strips that detect TB. The problem with reading the strips by eye is that inexperienced readers make mistakes, so our app cuts out the need for hours and hours of training.

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Author Wong Author

Thank you Matt, your answer helped me alot.

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Ted Hagos • Edited

I would say to just get started. Find a gig that you can do really well. If you're majoring in Comp Sci, I assume you build apps or do tech writing on the subject of programming etc. If you can do them well, just create the gig and make it public. If you have some reach on soc med (or have friends who have), you can advertise. BTW, there are gigs on Fiverr that will advertise your gig. It's really easy to get started nowadays. Just go for it. I can't repeat this enough, "Choose the gig that you can do really really well".

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