Managing Your Personal Sprints w/ Trello

Chung Nguyen on July 22, 2018

Your hyper-organized developer is back to share something I've been using since August 2017 that has kept me extremely productive and put-toget... [Read Full]
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Interesting, but when I tried to see that Trello template board it said that the link is private.


Hmm I never saw the point of Trello but mentioning the private notes now makes me curious.

Does anyone know why Atlassian maintains both Jira and Trello? I think I'd be sold on trying it if it didn't feel like they'll sunset it any day now.


I like Trello for its simplicity and functionality. I don't deny how useful and powerful Jira is, but the feeling and experience I have is it gets kind of slow sometimes. 😕 I usually see loadings for many actions I take.
I truly do hope Trello continues to operate.


Jira is Atlassian's and then they acquired Trello, so I sure hope they don't ever sunset it. Trello has a decent user base and seems pretty self-sufficient. :)


I like Trello. I have over twenty boards for diary, ideas, tutorials, configurations, hobby, fun, etc. My base structure of boards is Kanban: BackLog, ToDo, Doing, Done and IceBox. I use attachments, links to other cards, hyperlinks, etc.

Your Inspiring Board inspired me. Thanks!


Great tip! Do you replicate Jira tickets by hand or is there some fancy automated script for importing to Trello?


According to the post, it seems it is done via manual copy pasting. I did a quick search and found there are some integrations which synchronize Jira to Trello, but that probably requires administrator privileges on Jira's side to install...


Correct. Done manually.

Trello has a number of ways to make cards (including emailing, with lists, etc.), but I like having my template on new Trello cards.

How to make Trello cards out of lists:


I've always used trello for managing personal projects but never had a good structure in place. The template definitely will be using this template. Thanks!


Awesome idea, I'll trying hdnalde with my personal tasks in my job in this way..

A note: the Trello Template is private..


Board not found.
This board may be private. If someone gave you this link, they may need to invite you to one of their boards or teams.



Nice idea, I'll try to implement it myself!

I was wondering how do you handle the cards once you finished developing them?
Do you archive them?


Great question! I make a list on the right side for every release and move the cards there. So if you have a numbered release, you can make a list called "Release Alpha 2018-07-24" and move the card there.

This actually helped me a lot in completing my self review in the annual review cycle because I knew exactly what I delivered in each release.

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