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Get started editing videos with the VEED API.

VEED is a simple yet powerful online video editor. Through the VEED API, you are able to build automation workflows and robust video editing applications without sweating the "hard" stuff.

This means that you'll be able to integrate features like transcoding, transcribing and subtitling, trimming, cropping as well as add elements like text, progress bars, audio waves, and media elements( audio, video and images) to videos programmatically

If this is something that interests you, you may follow the steps below to set up your account so you can start making awesome video edits with the VEED API.

1. Signup for your Veed account

To use our API, first you need to signup for your free Veed account.

Once you finish signup, you should see your Workspace Dashboard. This is your home for managing your video editing activity on Veed.

On the Free plan, you are able to edit videos of maximum duration 10 minutes. You will not be charged for this unless you choose to upgrade for more editing power.

2. Get your API Access Key

On your Workspace Dashboard, click on the Settings tab on the side menu. This will open up a section as shown below. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button that reads *Enable API. Click on that button to enable the API section of your dashboard.

Once, you have done that, you will be taken to the section shown below. Here, you can copy your API keys which will be required for all interactions with the API. You will also notice that an API tab has now been added to your side menu for easy access subsequently.

Make sure to use the test key as shown below while in development.

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Remember to switch to your live keys when taking you application live.

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3. Adding your Webhook URL(Optional).

If you would like to make use of Webhooks(recommended) instead of poll the API in order to keep track of the status of renders, make sure to add your webhook URL in the field provided(See image below).

You may learn more about working with webhooks here.

4. Authenticating API Requests

For authenticating requests, the VEED API uses API Keys. These keys can be retrieved and managed via your Workspace dashboard.

During development, make sure to use the test secret key which have the prefix

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For your production environment, make use of the production secret key with the prefix

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At the moment, your API keys carry administrative privileges and can carry out any action enabled on the API, so be sure to keep them secure. Do not share your keys in publicly accessible places like Github, on client-side code, documentations, tutorials and so forth.

To make use of the API keys, attach them to the Authorization request header for your request(See example below).

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: veed_test_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
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🚧 Note:
You should make all API calls over HTTPS and always authenticate every request


Now that we are now familiar with the VEED API, our next set of articles will dive into specific applications and use cases for which you should be able to utilize the API in your applications. Until then feel free to learn more about VEED via the resources below.


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Blackmandfg • Edited

There`re a lot of intricacies in this particular editor... OK, the main thing is that it should be easy to use and accessible to those who are just starting to work with video editors. When I first started making videos on YouTube, the main problem for me was to find an editor that would be easy for beginners. Tried many, but settled on Thanks to this program, I discovered heaps - realized how professionals do transitions, different backgrounds, titles. The program is super simple and easy to grasp.

coderunner2017 profile image
Pietro Iglio

I cannot find the API anymore... Did they remove API access?