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World in Dev Digest - Top Articles and Tech Events This Week - 23/3/2021

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“The difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits” - Masashi Kishomoto

3 articles to read today at

--> General article:

15 tips and tricks for javascript devs working with the DevTool:

By @asayerio_techblog

--> A Technical article:

A small but nice article wrote to understand oop in simple terms.
In two lines the definitions of an object, a class, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance...

By @rahxuls

--> A video:

Cool video, nice music, excellent codepen sample, I don't say anything else...

By @ahmadbassamemran

External article:

Git aliases

Everyone wants to work faster, easier and one way to achieve this is to simplify their daily tasks with simple scripts or with creating aliases to run long commands that they often forget or just tired of typing them over and over again.
If you're not using any GUI for Git or using Visual Studio Code alongside Git you can definitely take advantage of the Git aliases to make things easier for you. If you want to learn how you can use Visual Studio Code with Git check out this article here:
At devdojo

Daily discussion:

Most don't know, but a developer is someone who turns coffee into code. ☕

By @devlorenzo - me 🙃

Site of the day:

A front-end coding challenges site. You can create a challenge that you and other devs can participate in.

Podcast episode of the day:

Docker for Python Developers (2021 Edition):

Docker is one of the core elements of developing Python applications in consistent ways as well as running them across different hardware universally. On this episode, you'll meet Peter McKee from Docker. He's here to catch us up on what's happening in the Docker universe for Python developers.

By Talk Python to me

Tech event of the day:

  • Note that this is not free content, although we will try to promote only free events if possible.

The age of implementation - MIT Technology Review's annual event on artificial intelligence

"Join EmTech Digital to stand on the shoulders of giants. Get insight from technology experts and industry leaders all along the innovation path. Learn about new developments and opportunities in AI. See examples of how it is solving complicated, real-world challenges and transforming the business landscape."

Thanks for reading!

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