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Marcel Zúbrik
Marcel Zúbrik

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StretchShop - the fast & scalable e-business is growing up

I started to develop StretchShop because I wanted to create a solution that would not suffer from issues I was fighting in the past. I wanted something where:

  • Tech-stack is narrow with crunchy, and well-known and easy to learn technologies.
  • It can be easily scaled up or down.
  • Data-source is fast, scalable, and can handle different models.
  • Development is modern, fast, enjoyable, and not expensive.
  • With open-source DNA and options for paid help available.

And here we are - after almost two years of developing it as a hobby. StretchShop is an open-source solution, that will introduce its first products soon, becoming a project for professional use.

I am trying to spread the word about it, even wrote two articles :-)


There's still a lot of work to do and like to get feedback and maybe find somebody who would like it and help to improve it.

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